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Who We Are

The Golden Triangle

Beautiful lakes, rolling hills, and a concentration of quality dining, art, theatrical, and shopping opportunities have long attracted gay people to the area of northern Lake County that includes the Golden Triangle cities of Mount Dora, Eustis, and Tavares.  Today lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender  people who “live, love, work, and play” in the area have their own social and networking organization to host events, coordinate entertainment possibilities, and provide a platform for charitable and civic action.
Founded in 2006, The Triangle Connection, Inc. (originally known as "The Triangle Group"), is a non-profit corporation coordinated by volunteers. Its premiere monthly meet & greet was held in at a local restaurant, and our network of participants has been growing ever since, with a current e-mailing list of over 500 people.

Moving to the area?

If so, please drop us a line. We'll be happy to provide you information and introduce you to lots of great people.


What We Do

Typically, from 50 to 80 of us – singles and couples, men and women of all ages – gather for our monthly meet & greet evenings at a wide variety of area restaurants.  Smaller groups explore other restaurants as part of informal dining and breakfast clubs.Triangle Connection participants have enriched all our lives by organizing trips to numerous theatrical productions, hosting wonderful holiday parties, and establishing interest groups for, among others,  motorcyclists, horseback enthusiasts, and kayakers.

Under The Triangle Connection's umbrella, volunteers have also taken the lead in various civic and civil-rights campaigns.  Moneys have been raised to support the Mount Dora Dog Park and programs for LGBTQ young people. Thousands of pounds of food have been collected and delivered to Mount Dora-based Lake Cares Food Pantry, which provides groceries to hundreds of financially struggling households throughout Lake County.

In 2011, we presented the critically acclaimed world premiere performances of the AIDS-themed theatrical stories “From a Burning House: The AIDS Project Los Angeles Writers Workshop Collection” at The Bay Street Players Historic State Theatre in Eustis. The project raised over $2,000 to support Central Florida’s AIDS-services organization, the Hope & Help Center.

The Triangle Connection has an affiliated youth-service organization, The Triangle Youth Alliance, which works with other Central Florida and statewide civil-rights groups to promote stronger anti-bullying policies and safe schools programs. And our volunteers organized a charter bus trip to the 2009 “Rally in Tally” to speak with legislators at the State Capitol in support of LGBT rights.

The Triangle Connection is a non-profit organization which offers social and service opportunities for the LGBTQ community. We are focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all sexual orientations who live, love, work, play and visit Lake County's Golden Triangle neighborhoods of Mount Dora, Eustis, and Tavares, Florida.

Although The Triangle Connection focuses on people who live in or near the three cities of the Golden Triangle, participants also include folks who live in nearby communities, including Leesburg, The Villages, and Paisley.

Before The Triangle Connection

The Triangle Connection is not the first LGBTQ organization to form in our area. It has picked up where the much-loved Tuesday Night Friends, founded by Glenna and Marsha, left off. Friends was originally created to host informal gatherings and grew dramatically – even publishing its own magazine and creating events which drew upwards of 350 people from all over greater Orlando.

Based on the experience of Friends, the founders of The Triangle Connection decided to limit the scope of their offerings, focusing primarily on the monthly Meet & Greets while encouraging participants to launch and promote their own projects.

Scot Cornwall, who helped found a similar social organization in his old Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, and his spouse Bill Opperman moved to northern Lake County in 2005.  After more than 25 years together, they were legally married in Massachusetts in 2004. Cornwall and Opperman – as well as Triangle Connection cofounders Ed Fenninger and Charly Schormann (also formerly of Boston and also legally married) – chose to make their home in this area in part because Tuesday Night Friends had done such an excellent job of bringing the LGBTQ community together.

Other organizers and early supporters of The Triangle Connection include Bill Sievert and John Theis; spouses Sally Sellers and June Sellers; Joan Kennedy; Bob Dumais and Jamie Simpson; and Bruce Freeman and Dale Gruber.