May 27, 2019 Blog Post

Interview with TC Board Member Shannon King

TC Board Member Shannon King Sitting Down to Discuss Thoughts About Our Triangle Connection Community

TC: You were part of the team of several board members who reviewed the previous mission statement for Triangle Connection and revised it. Please tell us about the changes.

Shannon: The changes were minor as all along we had a well-written mission statement, developed by the original LGBTQ pioneers. We tweaked it recently and mainly added ”inclusive” and ”welcoming” to better reflect our Triangle Connection’s priorities.

TC: I see the board recently also added ”Q”, for "Queer" or "Questioning" to the LGBTQ umbrella of Triangle Connections.

Shannon: Yes, we want to make sure people who identify as ”Q” know we welcome them in our community and felt this important community should be part of our organization’s mission. I believe they were already accepted before the mission statement change, but we also needed to acknowledge them within our community.

TC: How can the Triangle organization serve our community better?

Shannon: We can do better at understanding that it can be a little difficult for new people to come into our community especially if they feel a little different from the prescribed norm. We all want people to feel more welcomed, for examples, transgender people and people who identify as ”Q” are very much a valuable part of our community. Our straight allies must feel welcomed and witness our acceptance of all as well. You may notice we made sure to include ”all sexual orientations” in the revised mission statement.

TC: What do you see as another primary focus for Triangle Connections?

Shannon: It starts with each of us. For example, we must individually challenge ourselves to better understand our underlying prejudices that may exist deep down. While we may have them, we have to challenge ourselves to be better and to learn more about one another. We don’t need prejudices to limit our Triangle Connections community effectiveness nor create an environment which is anything less than embracing and supportive. We must remain welcoming for all. It’s as simple as seeing a new person attend a Triangle event and genuinely welcoming them.

TC: Anything else to share with our community?

Shannon: Well, just a reminder that we have all, at one time or another, been the new face in the crowd. Which of us didn't truly appreciate that stranger in the room who came forward to welcomed us and introduced us to new friends? Let's continue to welcome people and resist the need to define people into categories. It’s really that simple.

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